ICT TIME mouse  is an online application with 19 exercises focused on eye-hand coordination. The activities train skills such as: single and double clicking, tracing a line with a mouse, drag and drop movement. Children also practice quick clicking on moving objects and at the same time develop perceptiveness.

ICT TIME keyboard  is an online application with 21 activities that support the development of touch typing skills. Children memorize where to find particular letters (also the uppercase ones), numbers and symbols on the keyboard and learn which finger should be typing each one of them. Then – step by step – typing words, phrases and the whole sentences is practiced. The application also contains an educational touch typing game called Typebugs.

For teachers
  • use the application with pupils of various educational needs
  • use the application during lessons on an interactive whiteboard, touchscreen panel or a PC
  • give your pupils the opportunity to develop computer skills
  • assign activities as homework
  • monitor your pupils' progress and results in Group Statistics